About AnnouncerGuyDave…

A few of my friends have encouraged me to add my commentary to the wonderful world wide web, so here it is for all to read. The moniker AnnouncerGuyDave was given to me by a “King”, so I felt compelled to honor his wishes. Since there are more than enough other people I share my real name (David Freeman) with, let me make some clarifications:

– does not own an National Hockey League team,
– does not own a company that develops video games,
– is not an environmental expert/consultant,
– didn’t write a book about 100 things to do before I die…

… so if you think I’m one of those guys – you’re in the wrong blog.

For those of you still reading – Thanks. I’ve had some pretty unique – if not bizarre – things happen to me so far in my corporeal life, so I’ll try to share some of them here.  I’ll try to protect the innocent, but not the guilty. I don’t watch “reality TV”, because my own “reality” is pretty cool. You be the judge. Comments of all types welcome – and expected.


3 Responses to “About AnnouncerGuyDave…”

  1. Billy Altman Says:

    Dave –

    Watched the game from home yesterday; from the looks of things, as John Franco used to say, “No one got hurt.” And under 4 hours!

    Re Brad Lidge: In September 1985 I was on the road with the Mets in San Diego.
    I’m sitting in the visitors dugout during BP, and overhear Bruce Berenyi talking to Doug Sisk. Berenyi had just been activated off the DL (surgery early in the year) and he tells Sisk that his arm is sill killing him and maybe he should tell Stottlemyre. Sisk: “Are you crazy? Don’t ever tell them you’re hurt!”

    I’m just sayin’…he don’t look right.

    See you soon.


  2. Mike Dean Says:

    Dave: I’d like to keep in touch by e-mail to talk shop about scoring. While I was not privileged to to meet Mr. Shannon, his sudden passing has left a bit of a void for me.
    Well, carry the mantle and carry it well.

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