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Joe and Evan: We KNOW You Hate The Mets – Please Keep It To Yourself.

July 30, 2010

Yesterday was a busy but beautiful Thursday afternoon, and I was ready to make the transition from “work” to “play”.

The radio was on for the trip, good ‘ol WFAN was the station. I knew the Mets had already won 4-0 – thanks to a strong day game pitching performance by knuckleballer R. A. Dickey. It was definitely a good news day for Mets fans, since Dickey clearly has recovered from the leg injury that forced him to leave his last start. A good news day – unless of course you were listening to “The FAN”.

The drivetime / post game show was being hosted by professional Mets fans Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, who were filling in for the vacationing Mike Francessa. Again, this lineup should be an “upgrade” for Mets fans since Big Mike has never been accused by anyone of being a professional Mets fan.

But within five minutes of listening in on Joe and Evan – I had to call someone to confirm that the Mets HAD won earlier. I couldn’t even wait for the 20-20 update I just had to know! The “hot topic” was the hosts apparently fantastic grilling of Mets Manager Jerry Manual in an earlier interview that of course I didn’t hear. Every possible thing that was wrong with the team was discussed, including the inability of the Mets to trade for Roy Oswalt – a pitcher with a no-trade clause who has NEVER shown a serious interest in wanting to pitch for the Mets.

It occured to me at that moment yesterday how absolutely FRUSTRATING it must be to be a true blue Met fan. Outside of their own pre and post game shows, Mets fans are constantly subjected to the “geniuses” of the airwaves who are smarter than every person who works for the Mets. These gifted individuals solely possess the ability to turn the Mets into a perennial World Series champion. Why don’t these people go help President Obama? Oh yeah, because they don’t ACTUALLY know squat, just how to whine.

The first thing these geniuses usually do is compare the Mets to the Yankees. Why? THERE IS NO COMPARISON. Two different organizations in two different leagues with two different philosophies. And before you say, “well the Yankees won the World Series last year” I will remind you that both team’s differences existed when the Mets were selling out Shea in 1986 and the Yankees were awful and drawing 5,000 fans to night games on a regular basis.

The Mets are currently 6-1/2 games back in the NL East and 7-1/2 games back for the wild card with sixty games remaining. Their season is not hopelessly over like the Chicago Cubs, the Oswalt-less Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates, the now Strasburg-less Washington Nationals, or even the Arizona Diamondbacks – this weekend’s vistitor to Citi Field. The Mets are very much a team to root for, with just as good of a chance to make the postseason as any team in the National League.

Yet I wonder if one travelled to Pittsburgh if they would hear such on-air bashing of the perennially awful Pirates on the radio. Thanks to DirecTV, I tune in to MASN and CSN on a fairly regular basis and the DC hosts keep it real in regards to their struggling Nationals. And the day it’s acceptable to bash a sports team like it’s done in Philadelphia…

So here’s my two requests:

Joe and Evan – please don’t do us any favors. Stay in your mid-morning slot and continue to appeal to your target audience of cranky old men. WFAN should be able to find SOMEONE who actually LIKES the Mets and put them on the air for everything but the Whiney-twins slot from 10am-1pm.

Hey Mets? Instead of “infomercial afternoons” and “SportsNite” re-runs on SNY, could we have some drive time call-in shows similar to every other city in America with a Major League Baseball team? WFAN HATES the Mets and ESPN-1050 with Michael Kay — well enough said.

And one final thought: if the “everyday” Mets fan really hates the Mets as much as professional fans Joe and Evan… wow. I actually think that REAL Mets fans are tired of all the negativity and that they would overwhelmingly support outlets that would allow them to root for the team and not have to be subjected on a routine basis to the “Professional” Mets fans.

I think it’s worth a try.