A Different Kind Of Hit

Just when you think you’ve seen everything – you see even more.

I worked the Friday night Mets/Yankees game in the Bronx. Luis Castillo dropping an easy pop up to cost the Mets a victory was about as bizarre an ending to a game I have ever seen. Until…

Here’s what I remember: I watched Castillo get under the ball and began typing the keystrokes to enter the pop out and finalize my game file. I watched Castillo drop the ball, watched Jeter cross the plate, and then watched Teixiera give everything he had to not fall over and cross the plate for the winning run. I quickly backed out of the “Pop Out” keystrokes, and quickly began the “Error-2b” keystrokes and plating of the runners – both unearned of course. Somewhere in between all that I tried to understand WHY Castillo threw the ball to second base after he picked up his boo boo. And that’s when it hit me.

I’m not speaking of his rationale, I’m speaking of the full beer bottle that was sitting in my lap – after it struck me in the jaw and caromed off of my arm. Apparently, an overexhuberant fan just let it go from the seats directly below the press box, based on the speed and trajectory. I never saw it coming.

The Magic Bottle: Mentioned in the New York Post!

If it had hit someone in the front row of the press box, it might have been a tragedy. I was stunned for a good few moments, and I asked the Official Scorer like five times in a row what the “time of game” was, because although I saw him talking I couldn’t hear what he said over the boom booms going off in my head.

I sent my game file and chatted with the Yankee Stadium officials who now were standing directly behind me. They had already checked with the security in the section below the press box and nobody saw anything. Luckily, there are cameras pointed in every direction of the stadium, so I’m waiting to hear the results of the video review.

It’s pretty amazing that in all of my musical travels over the years I never got hit with a bottle until Friday. How I survived a few years of serenading across Carbon County, PA without getting hit is fairly amazing, and the last place on earth I ever expected it to happen was sitting in the press box in the new Yankee Stadium.

Hopefully, it will never happen again. To anybody.


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One Response to “A Different Kind Of Hit”

  1. Charles Says:

    Glad to see you are OK.

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